DrugN is a Web3 Self-Casting Lifestyle App that incorporates medical-fi, Social-Fi, and game-fi elements. We salute the great challenge of StepN to devise a system that converts people's walking into value. DrugN is the first Web 3.0 project recognized by the Japanese government since it was launched in Japan's Framework Policy 2022. This project was not the product of a single person's idea but was shaped by the various players in Japan who happened to be there.
Your long-standing support will enable us to build what DrugN believes is a world-class, robust system that empowers how we support health through medicines.
While people worldwide have access to the healthcare they take for granted, they are left with a surplus of medicines thrown away, and people in countries where do not have the option to purchase them in the first place.
According to a Japanese government survey conducted in 2015, the total value of pharmaceuticals related to leftover medication amounts to approximately 300 billion yen. According to another study, 82% of all people in their 20s and older have experienced missed pills, making it one of the significant problems in the medical and healthcare industries.
This is one of the significant problems in the medical and healthcare industries. On an individual level, patients forget to take their medications even after being prescribed them, resulting in a situation in which they are not receiving optimal medical care. At the same time, the healthcare professionals who manage them cannot correctly assess their treatment control.
To improve Access to Medicine (ATM), we aim to create a system that allows the general public to easily connect to this issue and play a role in solving the problem. Ensuring that each person takes the necessary amount of medicines they need every day is a critical action that will contribute to the solution.
The goal of DrugN is to create a system that casts actions for people's health into value. The ability to leave behind a token for what until now has been a mere act of taking medication will be groundbreaking.
How much would collective knowledge be generated if our casual conversations were made up of documents? I envision the same principle. Now we can document our discussions on our PCs and smartphones using GoogleDocument, Microsoft Word, IchiTaro, etc.
Now we can use the Web and NFT to leave tokens of our actions. DrugN believes in the value of people being able to take the right medicines and the tools they need to live healthy lives. This is because it is difficult for people to take medication as prescribed, even though they can maintain
their health by going to a hospital when they feel sick, getting a prescription for medicines, and taking them daily. This is partly because they forget to listen to the doctor/pharmacist's explanation and because many people today are so busy with their daily lives that they disdain themselves.
In addition to a lifestyle that has always aimed for improvement, sacrificing oneself for the economic growth of society, we believe that the movement of -well-being- or -wellness- will accelerate in the future.
DrugN, as Self-Fi, will change the experience of hundreds of millions of patients. Instead of just getting a drug and being done with it, DrugN helps transform medication from a forgettable act to a personal, culture-shaping experience that is hard to forget. In the world, pharmaceuticals are thrown away in surplus. DrugN aims to make it easy for the general public to connect with this problem and play a role in solving it.
DrugN aims to make it easy for the general public to connect with this issue and play a role in solving it because it is essential and valuable in the long run for each individual to have the medicines they need, in the amounts they need, every day.
The ability of people to contribute to their health and well-being through the DrugN system will increase the potential of pharmaceutical supply to various countries in the medium to long term.
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