DrugN is a medication app that leverages the theory of regenerative economic currency to generate value in the recording and promotion of proper medication usage.

DrugN aims to make it easier for the general public to understand and contribute to solving this problem. Because access to and use of the medicines they need, in the quantities they need, every day, is essential and valuable for building a sustainable society. Individuals contributing to health and wellbeing through the DrugN system will increase the availability of medicines to countries in the medium to long term.

We extend our respect to the significant challenge posed by STEPN, which devised a mechanism to transform human actions into value.

DrugN is the first purely Japanese Web 3.0 project recognized by the Japanese government Kanagawa-ken prefacture(BAK 2022) since it was launched in Japan's Framework Policy 2022.

This project was not the product of a single person's idea but was shaped by the various players in Japan who happened to be there.

Your long-standing support will enable us to build what DrugN believes is a world-class, robust system that empowers how we support health through medicines.


To address this issue, the challenge was set that there are few opportunities for patients themselves to take initiative, promote understanding of medications, and actively engage with them.


DrugN provides a medication application with three distinctive features. First, it offers a feature to alleviate the anxieties of patients as a catalyst for behavioral change. This is achieved through a feature allowing patients to consult with practitioners who hold a qualification as pharmacists in Japan via online chat.

The second feature enables users to mine coins by recording their medication history. These coins possess regenerative economic value and are minted based on the appropriate consumption of pharmaceuticals.

The third feature involves a participatory societal change function through challenge features. DrugN is connected to web services for general enterprises, leveraging this connection to address challenges understood uniquely by patients. By responding to surveys from companies, users can participate in the development of new products and services what is solution for them.

Patients can engage in these activities with the expectation of regaining the ability to do things that have become challenging. The participation of patients in these activities is anticipated with the hope of restoring opportunities & capabilities that were once taken for granted.

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